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IC Filling Systems presented a new range at Brau Beviale

Fresh innovations from Italy on Stand 7-451

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At Brau Beviale 2023, IC Filling Systems has presented some of their exciting innovations, including a completely upgraded new range of automatic counterpressure models from 12-12-1-1 to 6-6-1-1 hybrids and the entry level automatic 6-1-1 and a new can depalletiser.

IC Filling Systems are a family business that listens to our clients, acts as technical advisors and delivers customised solutions tailored to your specific production requirements.

Their vast worldwide experience in Filling and Packaging of liquid products offers a chance to tap into their extensive databank of project management and technical knowledge.

Based in Italy, the UK and US

IC Filling Systems provides a wide range of filling and labelling solutions to meet with the specific demands of their global clients. All machines conform to CE safety standards, and the company also deliver UL & CSA conformity.

Operating internationally

The company manufactures every machine in their modern factory in Italy, providing the latest technology. As a result, they produce only the highest quality, economic bottling, canning, labelling and packaging equipment.

12-12-1-1 Hybrid

The innovative newly launched beverage counter-pressure can filler/seamer monoblock model: CANLINE 12-12-1-1 EPV is the first dual lane counter-pressure linear filler available on the market.

This automatic counter-pressure filler/seamer monoblock is able to produce up to 3,000 x 330ml cans or bottles per hour output.

You can handle different size cans and bottles with this line. It is an extremely flexible & versatile machine. It is simply a case of purchasing additional handling parts.

IC Filling Systems’ CANLINE, thanks to the electro-pneumatic control of the filling valves, offers high-speed precision filling and, in the case of beer and cider filling, minimal DO pickup levels.

This machine is capable of operating at up to 3,000 units per hour based on 330ml containers.

6-6-1-1 Hybrid

The brand new Microblock 6611 EPV 2023 model hosts a number of major improvements on its specifications as it places itself as the innovative new generation system compared to similar all-in-one machines on the market.

• It fills glass bottles, aluminium cans and aluminium bottles.

• It delivers Low TPO levels thanks to a new high performance vacuum pump

• A single high output filling tank ensures constant product filling levels at top speed

• User friendly 7” colour HMI touchscreen control panel & PLC

• IoT Smart Device: Full internet connection available as an option for remote technical diagnosis and assistance

• Integral Brushless electronic camme operations for more accurate positioning of bottles and faster servicing

The machine is suitable for filling beer, cider, sparkling wine, kombucha and carbonated soft drinks and it features the new EPV (Electro Pneumatic Valve) technology. The EPV valve allows total flexibility in adjusting the filling cycle by adapting the vacuum filling and degassing timings to the necessity of each different carbonated drink via a colour touchscreen HMI control panel.

This machine is capable of operating at up to 1,500 bottles or cans per hour based on 330ml containers.

Entry level 6-1-1 KOMPAKT

New 6-1-1 canning and glass bottling machine capable of filling 850 cans or bottles per hour. The 6-1-1 EPV KOMPAKT is a linear Filling-Capping-Seaming Monoblock with automatic loading of lids and crown caps.

The EPV electro pneumatic valve ensures a high level of filling quality, with double CO2 flushing to remove the oxygen in cans. For glass bottles, a double vacuum pre-evacuation of air completely eliminates any air contamination in the glass bottle.

An automatic loader of can lids allows a continuous uninterrupted flow of canning operations. A separate vibrator for automatic loading of the crown caps is available for the Hybrid version.

Counter-pressure Triblock semi automatic COMPACTBLOCK

Rinser – Filler – Capper- Seamer

The COMPACTBLOCK is also available in 441, 442, 661 & 662 configurations. IC Filling Systems can also supply the unit in 4 & 6 valve configurations without rinser or capper.

Products: Carbonated beer, cider, water, carbonated soft drinks, kombucha sparkling wine

• Bottle type: Glass , PET bottles & Aluminium cans

• Cap type: Crown caps, ROPP, plastic screw cap, cork or can seamer

• Output: Up to 500 bottles per hour (depending on bottle format & fill temperature)

This COMPACTBLOCK has been designed to package carbonated products such as carbonated beer, cider, wine, kombucha, water & carbonated soft drinks into glass bottles and close them with crown caps. It is also possible to fill PET bottles or aluminium cans with this machine and it can be fitted with different types of capping machines on request and can fill and close now also aluminium cans.

• Machine frame in stainless steel, on self-locking wheels for easy mobility.

• No bottle – no rinse device to avoid sprays.

• Fully automatic fill cycle operation through a PLC (which is fully adjustable by the client) for pre-evacuation of air, CO² injection, filling & degassing which is required for products sensitive to oxygen such as beer or cider to reduce as much as possible the dissolved oxygen levels in the bottles after they are sealed.

• 5colour HMI screen as option.

• Manual loading of bottles and cans

• Twin head capping turret with automatic cap sorter to close two bottles simultaneously (for crown caps only).

• CO² injection device into the neck of the bottle prior to closing, to remove residual oxygen in the neck-space.

• Automatic high speed stand alone seamer high output till 500 cph

• CIP – high pressure cleaning of the internal parts of the unit which are in contact with the product

ICFS CANDEPALL Can Depalletiser

The ICFS depalletiser for aluminium cans is designed for operations with tight space restrictions.Its design features an optional transfer plate allowing for more accumulation, higher line speeds (up to 7,000) smaller footprint and a better drop angle for the rinse cage. A lane divert makes it possible to pre-install two or more chutes for different can sizes avoiding long changeovers.

Self install, making it a great option for small breweries and international locations.

• Stainless and painted steel construction

• Minimal air consumption (<1 CFM @30 PSI)(<.03cmm @ 2 Bar)

• 400V three phase power

• Can accommodate multiple can sizes

• Interlayers are vacuum dropped sideways automatically into a vertical holder, keeping the footprint extremely compact.

The ICFS CANDEPALL can accommodate all sizes of pallets:

Europallet 800 x 1,200 mm, UK 1,000 x 1,200 mm, to railways 1,400 x 1,400mm  all interchangeable thanks to an easily adjustable set of guides.An easily accessible loading door allows changing the empty pallets while the top layer is still being fed down to the canning line, without interrupting operations.Two speed versions for 3,500 and 7,000 cph

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