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BS Packaging (Bulteau Systems) assured growth and satisfaction by chosing COLINES® as a key supplier

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COLINES® and BS Packaging have forged a strategic partnership, propelling the influential French group to invest in the cutting-edge ALLRollEX® 1500mm extrusion line from the renowned Italian company. This state-of-the-art stretch film production line boasts a Nanolayer™ structure, among other features, ensuring the creation of high-quality film with minimal thickness.

The collaboration is rooted in BS Packaging’s decision to invest a substantial 3.6 million euros between 2022 and 2023, aiming to expand the operations of their subsidiary company BS Packaging Iberia through both the enhancement of the production site and the acquisition of a new extrusion line. Patrick Richard, Industrial Director of BSPI, highlights, “We chose COLINES®, aware of the exceptionally high quality and flexibility offered by their extrusion lines. We are thoroughly satisfied with the seamless journey together. The line was supplied, installed, and initiated on schedule, in an atmosphere of complete collaboration. Today, it operates consistently, ensuring optimal production volumes and product quality.

What prompted the decision to invest in a Nanolayer™ technology line? “We aspire to cultivate our market share, as we currently export over 80% of our production. Given the plastic tax landscape, Nanolayer™ proves particularly advantageous, enabling the production of a substantial film despite a significant reduction in thickness. Furthermore, the latest generation resins open new avenues for recipes, fully harnessing the potential of the Nanolayer™ structure.

Key features of the COLINES® line that stood out? “Undoubtedly, the flexibility of the ALLRollEX® is pivotal for us, given the diverse rolls size requirements in the market. The ALLSpeedy IV winder facilitates quick production changes, smoothly transitioning between automatic and manual rolls, even with different core diameters. Additionally, the remarkably low power consumption is a significant advantage, especially given current energy costs.

Regarding cost reduction, the impact of the MASTERMIND® virtual production assistant? “Undeniably revolutionary, the MASTERMIND® system empowers COLINES® extrusion lines to minimize various factors affecting production costs. Start-up and commissioning time are drastically reduced, without manual interventions, enabling a decreased workforce and requiring no specific prior knowledge. Beyond that, MASTERMIND® significantly reduces waste compared to lines from other suppliers, delivering substantial annual economic savings.

Reflecting on the cooperation, how do you assess the entire process? “We are delighted on multiple fronts, from project management to the ‘wet test’ at COLINES®, and the installation work proceeded smoothly without disrupting other production lines. This success is attributed to the excellent collaboration between BS Packaging and COLINES® technicians, culminating in satisfying final tests and a swift line start-up.

As a company, what goals have you set? “In the last two years, our company has invested significantly to expand operations and achieve an annual production increase of about 10% and a subsequent rise in revenue. We expanded our structure by over 250 square meters, augmenting our existing 6000 square meters of production area and 400 square meters of offices. This expansion includes the addition of a Nanolayer™-equipped line to our production repertoire. These targeted investments underpin a long-term growth strategy for at least the next 15 years. Crucially, having reliable and serious suppliers, exemplified by COLINES®, is integral to our success.

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