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Cavagnino&Gatti: We like the challenge

The flexibility in satisfying customer requests and the credibility acquired thanks to the ability to select challenges are the two strong points of the company and also the secret of its longevity, says Ilaria Cavagnino, member of the third generation at the head of the company and Technical Engineer involved in R&D.

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10,000 solutions operating in 81 countries, 70 employees, 5,000 customers, over 3 billion labels applied every year and all the experience gained since it began producing its self-adhesive labeling machines and glue paper in 1955, over time operating in more and more sectors, including Wine & Spirits & Beer, Oil & Vinegar, Soft Drinks, Water and Juices, Food Jars, Mignon, Chemical & Cosmetic. These are the numbers from Cavagnino&Gatti. The company, recalls Ilaria Cavagnino, member of the third generation at the head of the company and Technical Engineer involved in R&D, “was founded in 1955 by my grandfather Pietro and his partner Antonio Gatti. After starting by repairing machinery for various wine producers, they gradually specialized in the world of labeling machines and exported all over the world”.

How was the company born?

The company was born in Canelli in 1955 when Pietro Cavagnino and Antonio Gatti founded their workshop. Initially they designed and built small semi-automatic machines that helped wineries bottle. Those were pioneering years: Canelli was the Italian capital of wine and the wine-mechanics sector was in full expansion, therefore the need for automatic packaging increased. In 1956 Pietro and Antonio created the first labeling machine that bore their name: Cavagnino & Gatti. The components were handcrafted, part of the mechanical transmission had been recovered from an American military vehicle and the engine was made of cast iron, branded Ansaldo. Even today, that extraordinary example is preserved at the entrance to the company.

What is the company philosophy that has guided its growth in these almost 70 years of activity?

Our strength is continuity over time: unparalleled experience, acquired in 68 years of activity, which ensures that those who choose us can benefit from reliable, custom-designed labeling machines, as well as the guarantee of being able to find spare parts and assistance over the years. Each Cavagnino & Gatti labeler is tailor-made based on the customer’s specific needs. We customize each project by listening to the client’s real needs. The control of the production process allows us to have wide possibilities for modifications and unique details, studied case by case. Our machines are designed to solve concrete problems, make labeling more efficient, adjusting to every format and material, improving performance. Furthermore, Cavagnino & Gatti solutions are designed to last over time. The average life of one of our labelers can exceed 30 years and it is possible, over time, to update it and adapt it to new needs.

You belong to the third generation of the company. How long have you been with the company and what is the secret to your longevity?

The company was founded in 1955 by my grandfather and, after him, it was carried on by my father and my uncle. I joined the company in 2017. The secret of our longevity? Having always tried to work well and, above all, adhering to the utmost intellectual honesty and, therefore, avoiding making commitments that we knew were unsustainable. To this I also add the fact that our machines are recognized as long-lasting and reliable. Not to mention that they are custom made. Flexibility and the ability to satisfy very complicated requests are one of our strong points. We like the challenge.

Which sectors does your business target?

We were born and raised in Canelli, one of the most important global districts of wine mechanics and technological solutions for the wine sector. We are therefore specialized in the design and production of paper glue and self-adhesive labeling machines for bottles of all sizes and formats: still wines, sparkling wines, vermouth, and liqueurs. Over the years we have also accumulated experience in other sectors including beer, oil, vinegar, soft drinks, fruit juices, water, food jars, chemical products and cosmetics. We develop solutions and build dedicated technologies for special applications and particularly complex packaging shapes. Any examples? We have created labeling machines for egg containers, cardboard tubes to house fine liqueurs, plastic bottles used as chocolate containers, packets of coffee powder, bags in boxes of wine for the application of the DOCG mark.

What do you think will be the changes and challenges to be faced in the future?

In the future we intend to continue with the values that have always characterized us of concreteness, durability and customization, with a growing attention to automation and software development. Our goal is to supply labeling machines that are increasingly equipped with automation that facilitates the operator’s work and reduces the possibility of error to a minimum, maintaining the reliability and robustness that have always characterized our machines.



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