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Purification and quality control in the food industry.

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In the dynamic world of the food industry, constantly evolving in terms of raw material supplies and filtration materials, BEA Technologies S.P.A., led by Roberto Bea, stands out with over sixty years of experience in the purification of beverages,  liquids and compressed gasses.

The company, specialized in the creation of filtration products, has achieved excellence with the NANOTRAK and NOVATRAK Filter Element Line, renowned for the integration of nanofibers.

The food-grade filter elements are carefully assembled in cleanrooms with controlled atmospheres, ensuring cleanliness and quality throughout the manufacturing process. The filters, equipped with sterilizing membranes, undergo pre-flushing with pyrogen-free water to eliminate processing residues. In 1981, BEA Technologies was among the first companies in Italy to implement a cleanroom for filter element production, later updated in 2011. Looking to the future, President Roberto Bea anticipates a significant investment to double the production cleanroom’s surface area.

BEA Technologies S.p.A. aims to establish itself as a preferred supplier in the global distribution of filters and filter elements for the food, wine, and beverage industry, with an already well-established presence in Europe and around the world; considering that BEA Technologies S.P.A. has already developed an international distribution network in Europe, America, and Asia.

It is important to use the correct filtration systems for the microbiological stabilization of beverages and wines, preserving their key characteristics and properties while simultaneously ensuring the removal of suspensions, colloidal particles, and all other unwanted particles. This process allows for better bottle preservation.

The clarification process, extended to sugar syrups as well, involves a two-stage filtration: the first stage employs AISI 316 stainless steel elements (rating 50/100 microns), and the second stage utilizes elements from the “TOPLIFE, POLIVERSE, or POLEX” series (rating 10 microns). The resulting sugar solution is ready for dilution with water. Following clarification, the beverages undergo “cold stabilization.” This process occurs in two phases: the pre-filtered beverage passes through a pre-filter with “NOVATRAK” elements (including nanofibers), and subsequently enters housing with the final membranes, BIOKLARIS – BCM, installed before the bottling machine.

Each clarification and filtration system must be designed to adapt to the production plant and product specifications. BEA Technologies provides companies with its laboratory and specialized technicians to assess personalized proposals. Roberto Bea, the company’s president, is committed to creating innovative filtration systems that reduce energy consumption and industrial waste. In pursuit of this goal, BEA Technologies S.P.A. offers the new “MAGNEXFLO” series of high-performance filtration systems, allowing the regeneration of filter elements, thus meeting “GREEN” requirements, and reducing environmental impact.


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